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by Handsome Midnight

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    For our 3rd album we wanted to make more of a pure rock and roll collection with some of our favorite influences from the 90's alternative scene. We kept much of the songs personal, but also threw in some nerdy references as we did with our first album 6 years ago, and just for fun a couple pastiche tracks as well.

    This endeavour features 2 new members to our line-up: Kyle, a technical guitar virtuoso, and Brian, a steady handed cool headed drum smacker, both adding to our nerdy heritage. You can truly feel the new energy on track 6 of where our future is headed.

    I hope you enjoy what we've put together for you.

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Rock 'n Roll 03:40
It’s a long line In a short skirt Waiting at a club Where you drink just to be heard Enjoy the DJ Paid a lot to push play Something to be said about it Being done the right way Don’t you remember the first show- That your daddy took you to? There’s nothing you can fake about Someone singing to you So what’s the point of this? I would do it all again For one sweet reminisce Where else can you go? When all you need is rock and roll There’s a feeling That you can’t shake When you’re letting go To the solo of a verse break If you claim to Need a little healing Move a little more Throw your hands to the ceiling When you feel you’ve lost your way Just pop an old track in And you’ll remember yesterday There’s only one thing left to say
Haunted 03:41
On the grind, everyday Is this what you expect of me? Always pulling some behind The weight can take control of me Looking over In a bind I imagine a sweet release Always thinking I will find Another place for us to be Is this what you wanted Our houses are haunted We flow with the river At the mercy of the giver Taking all that we are given Just trying to make a living But our houses are haunted Is this what you wanted? Late to bed Every time Waiting for the sound I want to hear Shadows fall across the bed Enough to hold me down another year The banshee cries A sweet relief To know I'm not as crazy as I fear The whole room shakes I know the same is happening quite near My neighbor cries "I hope I disappear" All the ghosts are in the mirror Slowly our love it isn’t here Hopelessly I sit and wait Watch'n close The garden gate
Changes 03:12
I’m supposed to write you letters But I was- Never one to play the written part And as I feel a cold shadow loom’n over I’ll fight this suffocated- Over-crowed room Just hope’n it’s all over soon If you understand me Know that nothing’s ever free Changes, changes, changes A little splinter, splinter, splinter Don’t want to live for an eternity With anyone controlling me Changes, changes, changes A darker color, color, color I’m going to take what I deserve to be Even if I cannot see But I’ve, been lost Since I’ve decided to fall asleep And, I've let go of everything That I thought I wanted to be Since you understand me And you want to cleanse me Don’t you wanna Don’t you wanna Push until you break? Don’t you wanna Don’t you wanna See how long it takes? I know you wanna I know you wanna See what you can make If you wanna If you wanna
What will it take to get your attention? I have been wondering for years I can wander through your house Never know that I have been here What happened to your sense of adventure? A hyperbaric chamber of fun Sitting in your chair Daring not to try a new one Take what’s built from the factory Rewriting history Of what’s been A slap on the face I could never take your place Let’s start this over again Again What can I do with what I’ve been given? Content to ramble in shoe gaze Tell me you want more And I help you up from this maze And if you ever wonder What I’m doing here You can tell’m that I dreamed of A better year Better year
You think you know But you’ll never know What you need to see Until it’s too late That crooked smile Wasn’t out of place You know what you saw They had another face When you feel them talking Fingers deep They’ll reach under your skin You’re not careful They will wear you out Hang you like a hen In Sheep’s Clothes You thought that knife Running down your back Was a helping hand Not a silent craft Now they can see What you have inside Though you make believe You’re in another time Cause it’s only news If someone’s bleeding Whether out or in If you catch them by the tail They’ll lie Deny to their last sin In Sheep’s Clothes In Sheep’s Clothes
Take a look at the next best thing The flavor of the week is still vanilla Bored enough to vaccinate you tongue Get’m young and undeveloped Shining faces sure to sell it But the art is still a zero sum Laying around Just like we knew To force the sky to blue If you could see me now Would you even care? Would you even want to match the price of that wish? Fate is in the air Dangle’n a thread Teasing us to find a hook that we can bleed on On the cut with more to relish Hate will blind the golden carrot Leaving you with no one to know Trace your mind with old rhetoric Prejudiced and prehistoric Settled in you’re happy not to go
I’m so inclined To speak my mind Yet I am blind To most my kind And if I ever get in line It would take all my time To fold this shrine, into something I’d be inclined to let you handle Don’t push me The water’s much too deep Don’t leave me hang’n on my own Take my hand And walk with me But never mind That I’m sweaty Just trust my word And you will see Even if we’re fall’n soon It’s not in vain We can survive a little scandal Dark and lovely Stars above me Call’n me back home Over-rated masquerading Cover rust with chrome
The Call 03:27
Not about to worry Cause right now Everything is going my way I’m not alive to hurry Or sleep until it’s time to pray But God, at least I’m blessed for a moment As the world is draped in Hell I feel the heat arise Swear I hear the final bells Falling straight off of the edge You can’t unsee When you finally realize what you’re meant to be The call is coming in We’re facing all our sins It’s getting hard to walk to far now With the water pouring in I made myself a promise Forget what kind of man I’ve been All those around are driven to madness As they get inside our heads I think I found the secret Never be this sane again The call is coming from the darkness To resist, a futile plan Inside the minds of demons To give in is doing all I can It's getting hard to walk too far now With the water pouring in I made my self a promise Forget what kind of man I've been
Believe 04:24
I said Let's go back to bed But you rarely Care to see The need Don't let this bleed Believe I've got this up my sleeve When I'm with you You leave a stain on me You've got me on my knees Believe Believe I build this world for you I'm going to see this through You'll see You'll see So let this go to sleep Your tender heart I'll keep The shadow's in your head And you're buried In my sleeve Just leave Your mess with me You'll see Nowhere I'd rather be
Faithfully 03:01
Faithfully Is this what you want from me? Well we’ve had our share of trials And relapsed every denial So just speak to me But don’t do so casually We’ve all dealt enough with courtesy It’s time to do this honestly Don’t say Get me out Get me out Get me out Get me out There’s no point to live in doubt Get me out Kindness bleeds When taxed so merc’lessly Your silence is a tourniquet My heart can’t take much more of it So let me see What you really want to be My answer is on file But this can’t wait for tomorrow Don’t say Sing a little out of tune As we stare out at the broken moon To remind ourselves There is so much left to live for Astronauts on colored rocks Too blind to see there’s so much more You come to me But not as you used to be You came to say good bye Say this last year’s been a lie You say
Take a look as it bursts up into flames Enjoy the heat as you lose all that you know A fresh light will show you a new way And everyone who is letting their time go The cold knows it can trick the weak to stay Ignoring notes that will take you far away They dig deep and only thinkin of yesterday And, if you want to stay forever Know, that you’ll never be that clever A darkness will hold you with a tether Urging your souls to stay together All hope will fade away On the run, looking for a place to hide A long road to the refuge that you seek A large wall where you’ll haul up deep inside A strong storm will befall you if I speak They have taken it all away I have run out of words to say All I’ve built up is out of play I will make them rue the day Take, take a look right now My little friend See the nail that I’m driving to an end It may be the last I ever send Whispers in the dark Take us all apart If you’re weak then I will melt your tender heart Before you even get your chance to start Withered and drawn down Hoveling around Unsuspecting that I kept my wicked crown Slipping through just to finish what’s cut down With a sharky grin And a minor win I have taken what I call a fair revenge But with your blade I will make my own descent
Sirens going off And I've run out of gas Now I'm pushing through the crowd A panicked swirling mass I don't remember why I had to go Or why I put us in this mess I just know that I have to back to you soon To feel one last caress One last thing I'd could to say to you I'm sorry if I was untrue Just know you made life matter Hold tight until we shatter One last thing I'd could to say to you Just 12 more blocks Til I get to your door The sun is brighter than it's ever been before Stepping over bodies was only meant to be an illusion Now I'll do whatever's needed To get through all the death and confusion There's nothing that I wouldn't say or do Just one more chance for me to be a fool I'm sorry that I've broken every rule We're only buried in the end I break in through the door But find you're not there You've only left a note for me In the final despair You left to find me Likely on the other side of town I hope you know I feel the same way As the city's crashing down


released November 4, 2017


all rights reserved



Handsome Midnight Minneapolis, Minnesota

Handsome Midnight is an alternative rock band native to the Twin Cities that has been active for over a decade catering their live shows to venues of all levels and age groups. They bring pop culture themes and relevant current events into their music for those to find that delve into their lyrics, and keep the melodies and energy engaging for a wide audience. ... more

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