Bittersweet Curse

by Handsome Midnight

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After a year of work we are proud to present our debut full length album.

Enjoy from beginning to end, full of songs ranging in subject matter from relationships, to androids, conspiracy theories, and of course love.


released April 9, 2013

Thank you for taking the time to pick up a copy of our debut album. We write, record, and perform our music because it is our passion, and our goal is to share it with you. If you would like to know more about us, would like us to perform near you, or are interested in any other music or memorabilia we offer, you can visit us at our website:

Thank you for listening,

-Handsome Midnight

This album was made possible by funding through Some of the people we would like to thank for their contribution are: Lynne Berg, Erik Larson, Christopher “Curly” Welsh, Joe Jorgenson, Matt DeClark, Bill & Laurie Simmons, Russ Miles, Jennifer Larson,
Karl Koester, Lindsay Anderson, Chris Broden, Chris McNurlin, Jeff Schemenauer, Sandra Ammentorp, Gunnar Broden, Jennifer Kelley, Maria Amaro, Justin Schleppenbach, Herb & Peggy Rhoden, Jill Munn, Kelly Rhoden, Steve & Diane Blesener, and of course all of our family and friends for their support.

All songs written and produced by Handsome Midnight
Engineering, recording and mixing by Aaron Giese of Geeztown Productions
Recorded in Dayton, MN and Minneapolis, MN
Mastered at Magneto Mastering in Minneapolis, MN by Dave Gardner
Photos by Hilary Roberts. Logo by Ben Schuster. Album Design by Steven Rhoden

This album and all its contents are copyright 2013 by Handsome Midnight



all rights reserved


Handsome Midnight Minneapolis, Minnesota

Alternative rock with an emphasis on harmonies led by dual lead vocalists, a rhythm section featuring hard hitting drums, and a bassist that can rip a solo if necessary, with a wall of guitars that will rock your world. Handsome Midnight has a sound in the vein of Foo Fighters, Rise Against, Dio, and Weezer. ... more

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Track Name: Fall in Line
We all fall in our own time
So it’s useless to try and make up your mind
Shadows crawl behind your eyes
Your fear is baseless
And now it’s making you blind

It seems this cycle never ends
Never ends, never ends
Your only defense to pretend

Paint your dreams the color red
But you’re disturbed by what’s been said
Everybody else is living well
Everyone living well
You fall in line
And drop your will

Statues fall and cities crumble
Your world in ruins
Will you be left standing there?
On your own or in your temple
Your crown and orders but no one left to care

I watched you criticize the world
While taking notes you seemed
Enchanted by the deed
When you finally let it go
All it seemed to do is show me-
That you had a need
After I’m done cleaning up your mess-
Such a strange expression leads me-
To your weakened knees
But I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I don’t- Have time to give you what you say you need
Time to go to sleep
Time to go to sleep
That’s what you say
You say time to go to sleep
Will I give a damn if you’re gone?
Track Name: 2 Little 2 Late
Coming out of a drill this would seem surreal
But it’s dulling to the senses
When you’re given a losing deal
Kicked to the curb
Like a drunken fool
I’m better for it now and you’re forgetting-
The golden rule

Now you wanna forgive me
You’re so sweet
Remember how it used to be
So complete
If I hadn’t been so dull
And you hadn’t been so mean
I’d be ready to say
Too little, too late

Should have seen it coming
Won’t again next time
Cause I’ll never give enough
Again to lose my mind
Sure I reminisce
And I have an ego
But it’s easy to see I’ve grown
Even more than you know

Now you want to forgive me
You’ve taken all you can take
The next time you need me
I won’t be there for you

Well I remember the times
I dropped it all for you
Now the tables have turned
It seems you never knew
So I let it pass
And I can tell
That you’re alone
In your own private hell
Track Name: Hidden Master
Your hidden master rests under your skin
If you ever knew the truth
You’d never sleep again
It’s a trial without a jury
By the long arm of the law
That slips a little pill
Inside of a tight lipped jaw

Scream now if it helps you
But it only fuels their pride
These hidden overlords
Have never left your side
Searching for a purpose
You’ll find your not alone
But you’ll have to join together
And fear not what may come

Prepare your blinders for the fight
As if everything would ever be alright
Make sure your prayers are air tight
Cause they’re coming-
When you’re sleeping at midnight

Now come in closer if you call me a friend
Time moving slower and the Sun will descend
As we come to the end

The throng slowly awakens
Still many choose to sit
So comfortable in chains
So fearful of the rift
Well, the first line may be broken
But steam rolling along
The avant garde our heroes
And the rest will sing our song
Track Name: Empty View
Though sometimes we may fall
Stumble and fall to our knees
Won’t you get up off the ground
And realize what you need

Sometimes the answers aren’t so clear
But if you open up your soul
And let the light shine through
You’ll never be alone

I’ve got these friends in places
You could only dream of having
And I’ll leave these dreams to you now
The only portion you were giving
Enjoy your empty view

The Sun’s holding up the clouds
As though they don’t know their place
It’s better without them now
The Earth feels a warm embrace
Track Name: Fill a Need
Just one more step to feel connected
But the work is never done
If you don’t enjoy the journey
You’re in hell and never fun
If you can’t live in the moment
Are you ever really satisfied
Or would you rather watch the clouds
When you’re fried

The truth is
You’re the last line of the deed
Had to make my day complete
My missing puzzle piece
So fall in place
Accept impatient greed
To pause would mean deceit
You’re just here to fill a need

As an idea you’re not a person
I can use you as I may
I’ve had so many in my room
Before I threw them all away
I will rewrite my road in riddles
So that I forget my day
So help me climb
Or you’re just in the way

You can run
But you can never hide
All you hold
Is in your mind
Give to me
What’s mine to keep
I take it away
Track Name: You're a Zombie Too
Been hungry for some time
But nothing seems to ease my mind
Just been wandering aimlessly
Through alleys, gutters, in-between
For years I’ve been alone
Walking my feet to the bone
Hoping for a pumping heart
Just as mine was at the start

I finally found you

To sink my teeth into
Your skin like cherries on my tounge
Your blood is warm and sweet, just like you
Well, I’m sure I’d know back then
Soon you’ll be just like me
I’ve always waited for something like you
I know I’m selfish but you’ll feel the same
When you’re a zombie too

So as you start to turn
Your porceline skin will start to burn
You’ll soon find out that you won’t care
About your worries and despair
Soon you will fit right in
Like to others who gave in
As years ago from gas above
Before we met, my star crossed love
Track Name: Replicant
When you’ve finally found you have no past
Where will you be?
Your clock has given up at last
What would you know?
Who would you see?

I want to live a human life
I want to feel the pain that comes with age
Not falling on a knife
Designed to give away the only thing I have
I want to live a human life

Of all of the glorious things I’ve seen
My conscience found
Every careless death, what did they mean?
All that I know is under ground

The cruelty of design
Is the mark of the divine
Death is an illusion
Of being caught in time
Twice as bright
For half as long
All of this violence
Will be my swan song

I want to live a human life
Designed to give away the only thing I have
Like teardrops in the rain
Track Name: Mountain
Landslides come along
And take away our view
Futures that we planned
Forgotten by the few

Arriving at this land
Hoping to pass through
Soon took hold of us
Horror no one knew

Nothing really says I love you
Like the heart we’re sharing now
When I stare into your eyes
Knew that we were going down
There are not many that survive
A savage love like that for long
We could have but we took this mountain on

Cold white blankets cover
Everything we knew
No time to prepare
And nothing we could do
We made a solemn vow
That we’d never part
Will you find me now I’m gone
Searching here in the dark

I just wish I could still hold you
Wish I could hear your voice
But this mountain came and took you
As if I had a choice

Still I haunt these broken hills
As we they find their new home
Never forget the consequence
Never get trapped here alone
Track Name: Bittersweet Curse
It’s a bittersweet curse
One that won’t go away
An itch you can’t scratch
When you’re home for a day

Out there on the road
Confined yet free
They want you back home
But they’ll never see
Just what it takes
And how much it means
When you pour out your heart
And you’re down on your knees

It’s a bittersweet curse
One that won’t go away
It’ll tear out your soul
If you don’t let it play

The freedom in life
Isn’t given to those
Who sit home alone
In their baggy clothes
It belongs to the warrior
The one that pushes on
When told not to go
just to give them a song

Nothing feels better
Than going back home
But sometimes
You just can’t leave it alone
You’ve got a soul that must be heard
You’ve got to play out every single word
Till you die
You’re stricken with this

I walk a straight line
My feet are happy to cross
I feed a main line
To my soul when I am lost
What will I write of
When I am old and alone
My heart has stayed true
Yet now I live through a phone
Track Name: Never-Ending Nightmare
In dreams I never feel at peace
These tired feet
Have no where to run
When it’s always beside me
It’s not as sweet as Rivers say
I try to wake
Let this fear take hold of me
Why can’t you let it be

It’s 4 O’clock in this wasteland
Please wake me up
Cause I’m in this never-ending nightmare
You know I’m not alone
I’m not alone

Dark creatures pull us to the dark
From the start
Just like before
Ruins are obstacles
A new awaking will be the only way
First there’ll be fire
We’ll be meniacal

There’s fire on the horizon
There’s demons dressed as lambs
Yet it all seems to familiar
As though it were a part of the plan
Track Name: We're All Going to Hell
Stay awake out of fear
I didn't think I'd still be here last year
When the engine changes
When ice starts to form
I have to tell myself I've been forewarned

I live in the clouds
My love is on the streets
I'd be surprised
But I planned my whole life like one simple beat
Though I've seen the world from high up above
It's never the same for those that have to share
What they call love

When I'm alone in the clouds
All I think of is what I've done wrong

For me longer I can't help but be there tomorrow
All you have to but rest on assured of my love
If you don't call anymore I'll be lost with no story to tell
I don't know if I'll die up here but I know
That we're all going to Hell

Warmed by bright lights
You suffer alone
My only chance relief
Is when I hear a ringing phone
Hold on real tight to anything nailed down
It's going to be awhile before I'm coming back around

All the things I've read
And everything you've said
It makes it hard for me not to see
And when you change me
Change me into a diamond
So you can bleed for me
Track Name: Ritual of the Chud
Been wandering down to face this empty, shallow darkness, hid from view
I have carried this for decades now it starts again anew
Once a kid without a refuge till I found this loser’s gang
We stand together at the entrance of our past where we went insane

We’re facing all these fears
Someone help me, please release me
From this timeless ancient curse
That’s been here all these years
Now is our time under moonlight

Does someone have to die to wake the living?
It’s too late to turn around
Holding to our pledge we’ll crack the dead lights
And leave our past here underground

A wicked smile, dark un-earthly, calls up to you from below
Your mind is clouded from the vision and all thoughts begin to slow
This crooked jester from you nightmare freezes you here at the scene
Deep enraptured break the moment or he’ll rip you at the seams