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We are happy to present our second full album, breaking to more personal songwriting, with a beat you can move your feet to.


released April 25, 2015

Tracks 1 through 11 written and produced by Handsome Midnight.
Tracks 2, 9, 10, and 11 recorded & mixed by Mike Byrne of Transient Audio with the assistance of Wilson Reinke. Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 12 recorded & mixed by Jeff Blesener of Handsome Midnight. It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) by Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and Michael Stipe. Copyright Warner-Tamerlane Pub Corp. Mastered by Bruce Templeton of Magneto Mastering in Minneapolis, MN. Logo by Ben Schuster. Album design by Steven Rhoden.

We would like to dedicate this album to some of the most important people in our lives: Kelly Rhoden, Jill Blesener, Jennifer Broden, Dr Maria Simmons, Peter Rhoden, Evelyn Broden, and Baby Simmons.

We must also extend thanks to many people for helping us realize this project, including: Ben Brueland, Eli Prottengeier, Aaron Giese, Tom Maddox, Lindsay Anderson, Jen & Patrick Crawford, The Broden Family, Bill-Laurie-Jerad-Dana Simmons, John Flanagan, Chris Welsh, Brad Tracy, Josh Schneider, Justin Schleppenbach, Herb & Peggy Rhoden, Ben Schuster, Theresa Kurtz, Russell Miles, Tiffany Beamer, The Bleseners, The Buffies, The 400 Bar, The Driftwood Char Bar, REM, and all our fans and families.



all rights reserved


Handsome Midnight Minneapolis, Minnesota

Alternative rock with an emphasis on harmonies led by dual lead vocalists, a rhythm section featuring hard hitting drums, and a bassist that can rip a solo if necessary, with a wall of guitars that will rock your world. Handsome Midnight has a sound in the vein of Foo Fighters, Rise Against, Dio, and Weezer. ... more

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Track Name: Near to You
Wish I could let you closer to me
Wish I could let myself open to you
But I’ll stop the door from close’n
Exposed and in the open

Up front, I rarely wrote a song for you
I’m sorry for all I put you through
Consider this a back log apology
For all the moments we’ll never see

So many nights with you alone in bed
Excuses left to fill my head
Chasing a dragon labeled “E”
What the hell is the matter with me?

Oh, I’m just a selfish freak
With too much left to do
My resolve is concrete
I have to change my tune-
Me out when I am weak
And bit off more than I can chew
I’ve never been complete
Unless I’m near to you

I know you’ve had an axe to grind
But I hope to give you piece of mind
I’ll supply the stone you’re grinding
And present my neck for finding

The perfect end to a perfect day
Is spent with you in any way
Till death there is no other one
Except for you cause' you have none
Track Name: Animal
Whatever will get you in the mood
Will have to do, because there’s nothing left to prove
Never think’n about the consequence
A house divided by false innocence

You say that there’s no other way
There’s only one book you read that tells you what to say
But you can’t ignore the ape you are
Amazing that you can’t see your light is from a star

You’re just an animal
Who’s afraid of his own shadow
Just go and chase your tail
While I cut your meat and swallow
You’re just an animal

So where do your intentions lie?
You hide your faith in a gang with goals that you once undermined
This house of cards will soon crash down
It’s in, your hands now
But we are ready with an axe real soon to come replace your crown

You went and let this go to your head
You went and let this go----
You went and let this go to your head
You went and let this go to your head

You’re just an animal
Who’s afraid, who’s afraid
You’re just an animal
Track Name: Falling Down
It’s soft and heavy in the dark
Easy to get lost-
When you don’t pay attention to the clocks
But they don’t understand
They’ve all gone insane
Left alone
While I plot my pain

Falling down
Scattered remnants all around
Who’s to blame?
Another head sick guessing game
It’s always you
Take it like a grenade in your side
You'll live on
Never mind your heart flayed on the lawn

It’s been months in a lonely hell
All my past acquaintance gone
They stopped reading all I say
But a small part of me
Knows what is really happening
All but dead
Deaf from all the ringing
Track Name: Tell the Truth
Shadows try to box me in
As the new plot shall begin
Slipping through I’m glad I never lied to you
Cutting through your bedroom veil
With my blade to no avail
Your iron curtain keeps you misaligned

This is where you tell the truth
This is where you give your word
Preparing now to share my world
If it’s the last lie I’ve ever heard

This is where we play the part
That you never broke my heart
But honestly I’ll never know
This is where you tell the truth

I think I’ve heard this all before
In another life of darkened words
I’m so tired of hearing that you want to sleep
I can promise you, if you want me to
We can end this all before night is through
Live to see another day, another night, without you here
Track Name: Been Around
I’ve been around
I’ve been around for you
I’ve been around
been around

I walk along on broken feet
To see what kind of trouble that I can meet
Cause I do not
Trust you

I meditate on another life
As I balance on a hot steel knife
But it burns me
And I'm slipping

I look around
I thought that I would see it com’n
But I was blind
And now I know you’re really runn’n

Said this was forever and meant it
But you snuck out with little left to salvage
My trust has left me hanging in the open
But as I told you once before
I’m not close’n any doors

I strike a patch of broken glass
I thought at least you had some class
It’s consuming
This feeling

Follow blood dripped down the street
To the darkness where we both can meet
Can you find me?
By the black tree

You look around
And thought that you would see it com’n
I heard a bird
And now you know why I was runn’n
Track Name: SUCCUBUS
There’s a name for
The creature that you are
Who creeps along the alley
Till you’ve found your prey at large

Pull your hair back
See him standing there
You tell him what to think
Until he buys you your next drink

Work your way in
Till he trusts in you
A fiendish sexy parasite
Will ruin you with sin

That’s what you are
Everything you do
Just leads to a mess
Sometimes it’s on your dress

That’s what you are

When I met you
I was a novice to
The twisted ways some use their frame
To get what they don’t earn

Just a year in
I did not recognize
The person I’d become
Would be the one that I’d despise

Just being around you
Makes me ill
Or a lesser man
To take a pill

Your true intentions
Are clear to me
Self-righteous wants
Of make believe

You’d burn a house
To light a cigarette
Oh how the greed
Makes you so wet

I’d tell the world
To watch their step
But even the needy
Soon forget
Track Name: Color Purple
Hey there, little thing
I see that you like to dance
In your tight thing, with the point being
How we’re all in a trance

Hey there, little mama
In your tight short jeans
Though you’ve been on the scene
A new feeling it screams
If you know what I mean

But you know what I really want to do
Just hang out, fell the heat between me and you

And in the evening
Snuggled all cozy tight
Watch a little movie
A little pop corn
Get you feeling alright

Hey now, little mama
Keep your hands under here
You have nothing fear
So just finish your beer
And make the rabbit appear

Color Purple, I love you
Color Purple
And I’m reminded every little way
When I twist you please don’t turn away
(But now you have gone away)

But I know what you really want to do
Just hang out feel the heat between me and you

Color Purple, I love you
Color Purple
And I’m reminded every little way
When I twist you please don’t turn away
You salute me every single day
(And now you are here to stay)
Track Name: Until We See the Sun
Analyze how you spend your day
Take all your time someone else get laid
Your money’s gone since you’ve been paid
This seems to be the common way

You stop and ask yourself,
“Is this all that you wanted to be?”

A slave to modern society
You find a way to dull the pain

Whoa, the week is over
And all the work is done
Make plans to get hung-over
Until we see the sun

Get heat coming through the door
Because he’s seen those eyes before
It’s been some years since he’s cut loose
His jealousy is a pre-tied noose

You stop and ask your boss
“Is this all that you wanted to be?”

Come out tonight and just rock with me
And throw away your dignity

Oh no I think I’m caught
Oh oh I'll take a shot
Live on, your time is wasted

If you think there is a sure reward
For being under appreciated
With your back against the wall you made but blame
Cutting down your honest friends
With the Conspiracy that you create
You’ll regret your youth in hell
Track Name: Phoenix
Take this rose that's at it's end
Plant its seed so it can grow again
So it is with you and me
Letting go so we can let it be

We rise with the tide
Higher sometimes
Than we're prepared to be
What's the point of settling down
If settling down just means that-
We'll never be free
We'll never be free

Take these lives where we pretend
Cut the tumor till we're clean again
Always the same as we grow old
Needless dreams that we are-
Slavers for

Just like the phoenix
We rise from our graves
Burn it down till we're all saved
Let's hope this ends up in spades

Take this rose that's at its end
Cut the tumor till it's clean again
Always the same with you and me
Needless dreams that we are-
Slavers for
Track Name: Simple Thing (Say Whoa)
Deep down
Been beat down
You found my putty heart
And made it to a shape unique
From what I’ve been a part of

On the surface
You can’t cure this
A bach’lor of simple truth
But you opened up a world to me
And cut open my noose

With a ring
Such a simple thing
Stopping me from rolling
Now I can’t control it
Say wha-oooooooooo
Say wha-oooooooooo

I’ve been running
For a long time
From what I needed most
When my legs locked up I found myself
With such a lovely host

Now I see you
And I need you
I hope you need me too
Like a fires need the oxygen
I’m burning up near you

Onto truth
Under a new roof
I see our life unfolding
Now I just can’t hold it
Say wha-oooooooooo
Say wha-oooooooooo

It may not be a storied life
But I promise I will make the time
I give you everything that’s mine
If you was to stand up here and shout it loud
Track Name: Travesty
I’ll have this drink for you
If you're brave enough to follow through
This ultimatum you’ve given me
Has shown a hole where your heart used to be

Around the corner
There’s a bar
That is where my intentions are

And my best friend
My guitar
Has taught me how to show you what you really are

Caught in your travesty
Making a choice of
Who I’d rather be
With you or with one who
Cares enough for me
But you are un-moving
Sayonara, she-
Will watch me leaving

To choose between my friends
And a relationship with bitter ends
You make this choice so easy
Stick with you and I’ll feel sleazy

Hey there, girly
Look at what you put me through
Hey there, girly
You know I want to dance
Hey there, girly
I think I've had enough